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new anti-mosquitos and bug discovery by a Doctor and well-known professor in Harvard , is giving a lot to talk about after a German transmission shared the results of a study published 2 months ago confirming its efectiveness.

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It is a simple bracelet that goes on the wrist in a simple way, thus maintaining a stable anti-mosquito effect.

The advantage is clear: by driving away all types of insects, the quality of sleep may improve considerably, reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, reducing blood pressure and increasing energy levels.

The secret behind this anti-mosquito bracelet’s effectiveness? It uses the Mosqui-Tech patented technology to release a very light ultrasound with different intensities and programs that prevents insects from approaching. This enables you to always be protected, eliminating the need to apply cumbersome products on our skin that can be fatal to our health.

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Most anti-bite solutions require the use of large, often painful or malodorous liquid devices. But BuzzAway is practiaclly weightless and you won’t even notice you are wearing it.

It is placed on the wrist in less than 60 seconds and remains attached regardless of the shape of the arm.

This is an intelligent device, which makes it almost invisible to the human eye. Your friends will think you are wearing a normal bracelet!

It begins to work from the first moment in which it is placed and instantly repells any kind of insect, regardless of the type.

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