EggPoacher – Perfect Poached Egg In Less Than A Minute!

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If you have been looking for different methods for poaching an egg and if you are still reading this, I assume this is the perfect tool for you. With EggPoacher poaching an egg is so easy. No more swirling. No more vinegar. No more mesh colanders and other so-called ‘expert’ ways to cook poached eggs. These work perfectly every time

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EggPoacher are small Egg poaching cups, and they’re a really great invention for folks who maybe don’t have much experience in the kitchen, but still want an fast, easy and less-fussy way to poach an egg.

EggPoacher are made of BPA free silicone , and you can also cook eggs in the microwave using them as well, although I’ve never done it before. I can tell you if you are a completely disater on the kitchen, this is the perfect tool! You will have perfect beautifull poached eggs , instead wasting your eggs, and your time!


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This is the best way I found to use EggPoacher:

1 –Place an EggPoacher into the boiling water.
2 –Gently break an egg into the cup.
3 –Set an egg timer for three minutes for a soft egg.
4 –Use a spoon to remove the egg from the cup.

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