EzTracker – A new vehicle GPS tracker with no monthly fee!


A new vehicle GPS tracker with no monthly fee is conquering the automotive market, and insurers are outraged.

With the car theft increase in the last months, more and more drivers are looking for new ways to keep their car safe. Meet the tracker that is conquering the automotive market and making insurers go bankrupt.

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EzTracker is a cost-effective solution that can make a difference between a car lost forever and a quick recovery.

The main feature of EzTracker is that it shows you the real-time location of your car on your phone , wherever you and your vehicle are.

Unlike other trackers, the EzTracker installation is FREE and done by yourself, without any maintenance cost required. You take care of your own vehicle, you decide when you want to check its exact location, location history and much else.


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EzTracker allows you to precisely track your vehicle through GPS geographic coordinates that are transmitted to your phone. So, any time you wish to know the location of your vehicle, you only have to send a text to the SIM Card inserted on EzTracker, and you will receive a Google Maps link on your phone with the exact location of your auto.

Besides sending the exact location,EzTracker comes with a set of different codes to different pieces of information, such as location history, call and audio recording, police alert and much else.

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