FluffyBed – Calm Your Dog’s Anxiety & Your Stress!


A new dog bed that gives your dog a reason to relax – the ideal bed to ease your dog’s anxiety, and your stress!

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The FluffyBed, is the perfect solution for anxious dogs. It has raised rims that provides a sense of protection to your dog. This generates a positive effect on your dog’s nervous system which helps in calming their sensory behaviors and offer comfort when they need it the most.

The raised rims also upport your dog’s neck and spine when they rest or sleep. The premium soft foam provides ultimate comfort and helps to reduce muscle and joint pain.

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The FluffyBed is drug-free. It’s basically act as a natural remedy to ease your dog’s anxiety when they’re left alone or separated from you.
The FluffyBed also helps to keep them calm during thunderstorms, vet visits and travel.

Luxurious faux fur makes them feel protected as if you are their with them. It triggers safety in their minds and reduces the sense of vulnerability. When the stress is reduced in the heart and mind, it makes them calm and relaxed.

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