SoftGroomer – Pet Care Brush That Addresses Shedding, Bad Odors, Skin Allergies


For those who can’t take their animal to the vet, SoftGroomer is an excellent tool that will make the fur of your dog pretty and healthy – SoftGroomer was designed by veterinarians, and now this tool being recommended all over the world. Invest in the health of your pet because it is your best friend.

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SoftGroomer is

…the safest way of removing matted hair from of our four-legged friends, at home!

Unlike regular brushes, which only haul the fur and irritate the skin SoftGroomer gets rid of knots without any pressure and without hurting pets.

What makes SoftGroomer  so special and efficient are the motorized blades in its interior that removes every knot safely.

The benefits of SoftGroomer  go way beyond leaving the fur of your animal pretty and shining. When the knots are removed, you are protecting your dog from diseases and skin infections, which are often the major reason behind odors and hair loss.

Another great news if you don’t like your house full of hair and smelling dog.

And if you’re worried about the rotating blades, don’t be. SoftGroomer  blade technology was designed by a veterinary team and undoubtedly is completely safe.

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Using SoftGroomer is really simple, as you can see on the images above. It is shaped like a brush. So to start, just gently brush the fur of your pet. And when you feel pressure or feel it getting stuck, simply press the button so the blades can safely remove the knot or the matted hair.

It’s important that you make sure your animal is familiar with the noise and comfortable before you begin. Try pushing the button a few times before starting. And remember, you must always brush in the direction of the hair for a softer experience.

Another benefit of SoftGroomer is that is portable. It only requires two batteries so you can take it anywhere.

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