UltraBrush – Ultrasonic Toothbrush That is Safe and Healthier For Teeth and Gums


This new ultrasonic toothbrush is being hailed as the oral hygiene device of the century! If you have never heard of it, keep reading and cross off your calendar those visits to the dentist!

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The only sonic toothbrush that provides deep cleansing to your whole mouth!

Covering 360º, the UltraBrush sonic technology essentially brushes all of your teeth simultaneously, in a smart way, and without the use of your hands.

The brushing force of the UltraBrush is soft but effective enough to counter the plaque built up on your teeth, keeping your gums free of damage and preventing making your teeth from sensitive teeth to cold or hot temperatures.

Unlike other toothbrushes that merely scrape the teeth, damagingthe enamel and leaving bacteria behind, UltraBrush reaches every part of your teeth, countering plaque even in the most difficult corners of your mouth.

And the best part is that using the UltraBrush is like receiving a full cleaning from your dentist but in only just 30 seconds!

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So what is the difference between a regular toothbrush and UltraBrush?

  • They brush too hard and hurt the gums
  • Must be replaced every 3 months
  • Only clean superficially
  • The cleaning process is slow and boring
  • Don’t eliminate tartar and plaque
  • Don’t prevent gingivitis or other dangerous diseases

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