VacuTravel – Ultimate Travel Tool that Gives You Extra Luggage Space


This easy to carry compressor is the ultimate travel tool for any traveller wanting to save luggage space. Packing is no problem!

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It’s called VacuTravel, and it’s the only luggage compressor creating up to 50% extra space, so you can buy more and pack more!

This small but smart device can easily fit in your travel case and will create extra space within your baggage in minutes!

VacuTravel uses vacuum compressor to take air out from your clothes and create more space for you. It has a smart sensor to detect air pressure and will automatically stop once your clothes are fully compressed.

The VacuTravel baggage compression device issmall and lightweight  just 70mm long so takes up hardly any space in your luggage.

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It couldn’t be simpler to use too.

All you need to do is pack the bag, attach the VacuTravel and set it going!

The VacuTravel will do the rest for you – you won’t be left out of breath!VacuTravel’s smart sensor automatically stops when finished.
Just fill up the VacuTravel bag with your clothes and zip it shut, making sure there are no air gaps.
Attach the little compressor, plug it in and let it function and within about a minute, it compresses the bag.

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